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Parks and other attractions

Recreation Calendar of Events
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Whidbey & Camano Islands
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1. Deception Pass State Park
2. Ala Spit
3. Joseph Whidbey State Park
4. Oak Harbor
5. Hastie Lake
6. Grasser's Lagoon
7. Fort Ebey State Park & Libbey Beach County Park
8. Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve
9. Coupeville & Rhododendron Park
10. Kettles Trails Recreation Area
11. Fort Casey and Keystone State Parks; Keystone Ferry
12. Hancock Nature Reserve & Overlook
13. Greenbank and Greenbank Farm
14. Meerkerk Rhododendron Gardens
15. South Whidbey State Park
16. Freeland
17. Double Bluff Beach
18. Langley
19. Clinton
20. Camano Island State Park and Camano Island
21. Utsalady Bay
22. Triangle Cove
23. Cavelero Beach
24. Stillaguamish Delta & Livingston Bay
25. Cama State Beach
26. Saratoga Woods
27.Dugualla State Park


Wes Lupien - Oak Harbor Airport
Reinig Airport
South Whidbey Air Park


Clinton / Mukilteo
Keystone / Port Townsend


Lam's Links (9 holes)
Gallery Golf Course (18 holes)
Holmes Harbor Golf Course (18 holes)
Island Greens (9 holes) 

For a free Island County Discovery Guide and other tourist information, please call 1 888 747-7777. 

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1. Deception Pass State Park...Back to Map...
Washington's favorite state park. Visitors flock to see the spectacular bridge and Pass. Because of Whidbey Island's temperate climate, many birds  and waterfowl winter here, including an abundance of bald eagles. Fishing  is popular in Cranberry Lake and in waters surrounding the Island. Charters  are available at Cornet Bay's marina. Sightseeing, dinner, and whale-watching  cruises are available from many nearby sites. Tent and RV camping are available  year round. 


2. Ala Spit ...Back  to Map...
Island County recreation area and a special favorite of bird  watchers. A broad, open area with splendid water and mountain vistas, Ala  Spit and vicinity offer unique views of the Skagit River mud flats and  attendant bird and marine life. 


3. Joseph Whidbey State Park...Back  to Map...
Stunning views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, the San Juan Islands,  and Vancouver Island. A place to stroll the beach, enjoy the scenery, and  watch winter and spring bird migrations. The park and West Beach Road immediately  to the south are great locations for watching winter storms and their aftermath-Puget  Sound's only true surf! Cowabunga, dude! Picnic facilities near the beach.  Day use only. 


4. Oak  Harbor ...Back to Map...
Oak Harbor is the largest city and the commercial center of Island  County, with convention facilities and award-winning hotels. It hosts several  annual festivals and events. Performing arts, entertainment and golf are  available year round. Its large marina, an airport with scheduled airline  service, and car rentals provide transportation flexibility. Oak Harbor  is named for the Garry Oak, which is unique to the area. Home of Naval  Air Station Whidbey Island, Oak Harbor is a favorite duty location for  U.S. Navy personnel, many of whom eventually retire in the area. 


5. Hastie Lake ...Back  to Map...
Years of silting and partial filling of what was once the largest lake  on Whidbey has produced a major wetland. Home to numerous transitory and  resident waterfowl and other wildlife. 


6. Grasser's Lagoon...Back  to Map...
Extensive tidelands feature great clamming and world-famous Penn Cove  mussels. See great blue herons and the results of heavy tidal action. 


7. Fort  Ebey State Park ...Back to Map...
Part of the original "Triangle of Death," Ft. Ebey protected Puget  Sound from invasion. It now offers miles of hiking trails and stunning  high-bluff views of Port Townsend and the Olympic Peninsula. Hike or bike  the Kettles Trail (10) into the town of Coupeville. 


7. Fort  Libbey Beach County Park ...Back to Map...
Beach Access, Restrooms, Vista View, Fishing, Picnicking.
Dawn to Dusk (360) 679-7331


8. Ebey's  Landing National Historical Reserve ...Back to  Map...
The nation's first such reserve, and part of the National Park Service.  An area mostly privately owned but dedicated to the preservation and enhancement  of historic lands and buildings. Beach, bluff, trails and magnificent views  of farms, prairie, Admiralty Inlet, the waters of Penn Cove, the Olympic  and Cascade Mountains, and Oak Harbor Airport are within its boundaries.  Tune in 1610 on your AM radio for more information. 


9. Coupeville & Rhododendron Park...Back  to Map...
The second oldest town in the entire state and the county seat. It  has over 100 buildings listed in the National Historic Register. The town's  shopping areas and historic waterfront reflect the charm of bygone days.  Situated on placid Penn Cove, whose glassy surface belies an abundance  of marine life, Coupeville is a lovely 
backdrop for a calendar of festivals and special events. Coupeville's  historic inns, friendly pubs, fine restaurants, and intimate B&B's  beckon visitors to stay and relax.  Home to the Island County Historical  Society Museum, Coupeville also has a boat launch and a historic wharf  for transient moorage. 

Rhododendron Park is a Island County park. It is two miles east of Coupeville on Hwy. 20 (Directly across from Recycle Center).


10. Kettles Trails Recreation Area ...Back to Map...
Known locally as a "park" it is public land with unusual Ice Age geologic formations known as "kettles" and 28 miles of trails for exploring. Wonderful  for biking, horseback riding, or just a scenic stroll. Borders Ft. Ebey St. Park to the west and a paved trail connects to Coupeville.


11. Fort Casey and Keystone State  Parks; Keystone  Ferry ...Back to Map...
Originally the major focus of the "Triangle of Death" designed to prevent  a naval invasion, Fort Casey now welcomes visitors to its battlements and  the charming Admiralty Head Lighthouse. The fort's 10-inch "disappearing"  guns are now aimed across busy shipping lanes filled with freighters, and  passenger ships, as well as naval cruisers, aircraft carriers, and submarines. Don't miss beautiful Crockett Lake and Keystone Spit, adjacent to Fort  Casey. Both abound with birds and marine life. Unforgettable vistas of  water and mountains await. Take the ferry to Port Townsend from here or  check out the activities at the Casey Conference Center. Keystone State  Park is a favorite of fishermen and scuba divers. 


12. Hancock Nature  Reserve & Overlook ...Back to Map...
A World War II bombing practice site is now a saltwater estuary with  protected birds and animal species. The reserve is also the foreground  for stunning sunsets behind the Olympic Mountains. The overlook is east  of the highway. 


13. Greenbank  and Greenbank Farm...Back  to Map...
At the mile-wide  "waistline" of Whidbey, capture convenient 360 vistas -- the peaks of Mt. Baker and Mt. Rainier to the east and of the  Olympic Mountain Range to the west. Greenbank is also home to  historic  Coupe's Greenbank Store and the  Greenbank Loganberry Farm. The 522 acre Farm was  acquired for public use and houses some retail shopping. 


14. Meerkerk  Rhododendron Gardens ...Back to Map...
53 acres and miles of trails provide color and serenity year round  for nature and garden lovers. 


15. South Whidbey  State Park ...Back to Map...
Impressive old-growth forest. Appealing campsites, with picnic areas  and barbecue pits. An extensive hiking trail provides a fun educational  experience on a forest walk, or take the high bluff trail down through  the old-growth forest to a secluded sandy beach. 


16. Freeland...Back  to Map...
An "off-highway delight" with beautiful views of Holmes Harbor. Convenient to many Island attractions, Freeland offers a full range of services, restaurants,  shopping and overnight comfort. Launch your boat at Freeland Park on protected Holmes Harbor. Enjoy outstanding winter salmon fishing here or play the  scenic 18 hole Holmes Harbor Golf Course. 


17. Double Bluff Beach...Back  to Map...
Miles of broad, sandy beach, tidal pools, and unusual bluff erosion.  Also evidence of violent glacial action. One of Whidbey's best bets for  glimpsing an elusive gray whale. 


18. Langley...Back  to Map...
A small-town world just minutes from the Mukilteo ferry and the fast  pace of the metropolis. Tucked into flower-filled alleys and courtyards  and along the main streets of this waterfront town are art galleries, antique  stores, shops, restaurants, bakeries, coffee houses, and brew pubs. Langley  offers views of Saratoga Passage, Camano Island, and the Cascades. On most  days see great blue herons, sea lions, and an occasional gray whale. A  246-seat theater supports a year-round program  of local and touring  music, theater, and dance. The Langley area has more than 50 small inns  and B&B's. South Whidbey Air Park accommodates small aircraft, and  the Langley Small Boat Harbor provides transient moorage. 


19. Clinton...Back  to Map...
The Mukilteo-Clinton ferry provides the quickest surface access to  Whidbey from the Seattle metropolitan area and Sea-Tac airport. Drive time  (including ferry) to Clinton from Sea-Tac is about an hour and a half.  Clinton has a nine-hole golf course (Island Greens), and fishing is available  at Deer Lake, Possession Point County Park (which also has a boat launch  ramp and beach access),and the Clinton Fishing Pier. 


20. Camano  Island State Park and Camano Island ...Back  to Map...
Camano Island has 52 miles of scenic shoreline. The most popular destination  on the island is 134-acre Camano Island State Park. The park offers year-round saltwater fishing for salmon and bottom fish; excellent seasonal clamming;  and secluded, wooded campsites;  a five-mile, self-guided nature trail  and a series of loop trails for hiking;  beachcombing;  an underwater  park for scuba diving;  a kitchen; and a picnic shelter.  Camano  Island is a rural landscape blessed  with a thriving artistic community,  Douglas fir,  and all that the unspoiled Northwest offers. No need  for a ferry-just drive on and spend a day or a weekend exploring its natural  beauty. Spend an evening touring innovative galleries representing the  finest in Northwest art, past and present. 


21. Utsalady Bay ...Back  to Map...
Once the busiest port in Puget Sound, Utsalady still shows traces of  its lumbering/sawmill past. A peaceful retreat for enjoying amazing views  of Whidbey, the Skagit River delta, and the Cascade Mountains.  English boom park is near by.


22. Triangle Cove ...Back  to Map...
A remarkably peaceful, secluded area with glimpses of unusual bird  and marine life. Stay at a nearby B&B or traverse the cove's edge. 


23. Cavelero Beach...Back  to Map...
A county park offering beach access, a boat launch, and views of Stanwood  and the Stillaguamish River delta. 


24. Stillaguamish Delta  & Livingston Bay ...Back to Map...
Tide flats that attract flocks of snow geese, blue heron, marsh hawks,  and other birds. Site of a local battle to preserve the ecosystem from  invading, non-native spartina grass. 

25. Cama Beach State Park (Open  2008) ...Back to Map...
Cama Beach State Park, with its historic fishing resort, restored cabins  and camping, Environmental Learning Center, a mile long beach front and  ADA accessible trails will make for a wonderful outdoor experience for  all.  Right next to item #20 on the map.


26. Saratoga Woods ...Back  to Map...
Whidbey Islands newest park. The Metcalf Trust Lands and reserved DNR lands adjoin the park and share their trail systems. A mammoth "glacial eradic" stone the size of a house sits along a side trail.  

27. Dugualla State Park ...Back to Map...
A little known area located just south of duguall bay at the end of sleeper road. This area is listed in the non-motorized trail plan for Island County. 

Wes Lupien - Oak Harbor  Airport...Back to Map...
1140 N Monroe Landing Rd, Oak Harbor 


Reinig Airport - Camano Island  Airfield...Back to Map...
1212 N Moore Rd, Camano Island 
(360) 629-4812 


South Whidbey Air  Park ...Back to Map...
(360) 341-5531  


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