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Northwest Recreation
Events Calendar

Island & Skagit County
Recreation Resources

Island County is a great place for outdoor recreation. Fishing, kayaking, hiking, biking, boating, bird watching, clamming, golfing and camping are favorite sports for residents and visitors alike.

Special Events:
Island County Fair 
Whidbey Race Week
Greenbank Loganberry Festival
Stanwood Camano Community Fair
Coupeville Arts and Crafts Festival

Public Gardens
Horseback Riding 
Go Karts
Golf Courses

Movie Theaters/Live Theaters
Port Facilities &  Marinas
RV Parks
Scenic Flights
Skating Rinks
Swimming Pools
Wineries & Microbreweries
Whale Watching


Artists' Cooperative of Whidbey Island
117 Anthes, Langley, WA 98260

Art Gallery Stella
#5 NW 8th St. 
PO Box 1676
Coupeville Wa 98239

Blackfish Gallerio
111 Anthes, Langley, WA 98260

Coupeville Arts Center
15 N. W. Birch 
PO Box 171
Coupeville Wa 98239

Gaskill/Olson Gallery
Formerly Childers/Proctor Gallery
302 1st Street, Langley, WA 98260

The Glass Knight
214 1st Street, Langley, WA 98260

Hellebore Glass Studio
308 1st Street ~ Langley, WA 98260

Brenda's Gift Gallery
26 Front Street
Coupeville WA 98239

Lowry-James Fine Antique Prints
101 Anthes, Langley, WA 98260

Michaelides Glass

Museo Gallery
215 1st Street, Langley, WA 98260

Penn Cove Gallery
NW Front Street, 
Coupeville, WA 98239

Whidbey Island Center for the Arts
565 Camano Ave, Langley

Windjammer Gallery
22 Front Street
Coupeville 98239-1620

Wood Craft of a Simpler Time
5 NW Front Street, 
Coupeville WA 98239

Woodlands Wildlife Art Gallery
390 NE Midway Blvd, Suite B-107
Oak Harbor 98277

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Whidbey Island Audubon Society Wildlife habitats include old growth and mature second growth Douglas fir forests, old orchards and open fields, fresh and salt-water wetlands, and many, many miles of scenic coastline. Come for a visit and see for yourself.


Island County is a great place to cycle, with varied terrain and spectacular views of farmland, ocean, lakes, and small towns.

Bicycle Events
There are four cycling events on the island;
-Mussels in the Kettles 1 weekend in March mountain bike,
-Cookin' in the Kettles late march mountain bike,
-Whidbey Island Mudder late May or early June mountain bike,
-Tour de Whidbey late September road biking.
Check www.whidbeybicycleclub.org for detailed information.


Scenic Bicycle Routes

South Whidbey

  • Balbreath Road to Langley

  • This trip offers views of Saratoga Passage, tree-shaded roadsides, plenty of rural life and cozy inlets.
    Turn right on Bob Galbreath Road, about a mile up from the Clinton ferry terminal. It will become Wilkinson Road; keep right to avoid a bill hill on Galbreath. Wilkinson Road becomes Sandy Point Road, which takes you into Langley.
  • Maxwelton Road to Goss Lake Road

  • This moderate trek through the back roads to Freeland gives you a generous taste of the Island's rural flavor.
    On Bayview Road, go north. Take a left on Andreason Road, then wander up and down gentle banks past Lone Lake and Goss Lake. Turn left again at East Harbor Road.
Central Whidbey
  • Fort Ebey State Park and Kettles Park

  • Detailed (and large) map of several bike trails through Fort Ebey State Park and the Kettles Trails.
  • Crockett Lake Loop

  • This 30 mile loop through Central Whidbey takes you to the heart of the Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve, offering spectacular views from both sides of the island
    From Oak Harbor, take St. Hwy 20 to Sherman Road, just west of Coupeville. Follow Sherman Road south to Cook Road. Turn right on Ebey Road and follow it to Hill Road. Ride up the bluff to Engle Road. Engle Road becomes Keystone Road near Fort Casey and the ferry landing. Continue on Keystone Road around Crockett Lake to Wanamaker Road. Turn left on Wanamaker to Fort Casey Road, then turn right. Go through the flashing light at Coupeville on Terry Road. Follow it across the highway to Madrona Way, which runs along Penn Cove back to Hwy. 20. Turn right on the highway, then turn onto Penn Cove Road and follow the road back to Oak Harbor.
North Whidbey
  • Silverlake Area

  • This 12 mile loop has light auto traffic, plenty of tall evergreens and views of Crescent Harbor, Saratoga Passage and the northern Cascade Mountains.
    Take Crescent Harbor Road east out of Oak Harbor to Reservation Road. Reservation Road becomes Polnell Road, Strawberry Point Road and finally Silverlake Road. Complete the loop by running south on Taylor Road, which brings you back to Crescent Harbor Road.
Local Bicycle Shops
  • Bicycles Northwest

  • Service and Parts.
    31531 State Route 20, Oak Harbor
    (360) 279-8919
  • Dean's Sports Plus
    Service and Parts.
    1152 W. Pioneer Way, Oak Harbor
    (360) 679-6145
  • Half Link Bicycle Shop
    Service, parts and rental.
    15603 Bayview Rd, Langley
    (360) 331-7980
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  • Oak Bowl
  • Leagues, family bowling, individuals.
    1153 Midway Blvd., Oak Harbor
    (360) 679-2533

  • Ebey Bowl and E.B's Diner
  • Leagues, family bowling, open bowling, pool,
    video and pin ball games, food, drinks, desserts,
    beer, wine and cocktails.
    Open Wed. thru Sun.
    1203 W. Terry Road, Coupeville
    (360) 678-2255 www.ebeybowl.com

  • Whidbey Island Bowling Association
  • P.O. Box 406, Oak Harbor 98277
    Elton Dimmitt, (360) 675-2477

  • North Whidbey Women's Bowling Association
  • P.O. Box 345, Oak Harbor 98277
    Jo Balda, (360) 675-3246; (360) 679-4596

  • Island Youth Bowling Association P.O. Box 1632, Oak Harbor 98277
  • Don Dunn or Linda Wangelin; (360) 675-5371

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From Lakes
  • Lone Lake
    A 'quality' lake stocked annually with rainbow and triploid trout. Large mouth bass are also present in good numbers and size. South end of Whidbey Island near Langley and Bayview.
  • Deer Lake
    Annual stocking of trout.
    South end of Whidbey Island near Clinton.
  • Goss Lake
    Annual stocking of trout.
    South end of Whidbey Island near Langley.
  • Cranberry and Pass Lakes
    Annual stocking trout. Stocking of jumbo rainbow trout. Deception Pass north of Oak Harbor.
From the Shore
  • Cornet Bay near Deception Pass

  • Docks for casting. Catch includes cod, flounder, sole, pile perch.
  • Bowman Bay near Keystone Ferry Landing

  • Occasional salmon sightings; rockfish.
On the Water
  • Department of Fish and Wildlife

  • Recording of seasonal dates, special openings, limits.
    Sound waters east of Whidbey Island are in area 8-1, southwest of the Island run in area 9, and directly west are areas 5 and 6.
    (360) 902-2200
Other Fishing Phone Numbers
  • Fish Management: (360) 902-2737
  • Marine/Freshwater licenses: (360) 902-2464
  • N. Whidbey Sportsmen's Association: (360) 675-3239
  • Puget Sound Anglers, Fidalgo: (360) 293-5935
  • Puget Sound Anglers, Oak Harbor: (360) 675-4721
  • Shellfishing - PSP/Red Tide: (800) 562-5632
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  • Maxwelton Gardens

  • Offers display gardens and 9 acres of nature trails and self-guiding tours, including streams which they are helping to re-establish as salmon runs.
  • Meerkerk Gardens

  • Stunning gardens offering some of the most beautiful sights and fragrances in Puget Sound.
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  • Bratland Go Karts

  • 1403 Monroe Landing Rd., Oak Harbor
    (360) 675-5667
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Public Courses
  • Lam's Links - nine holes

  • 585 W. Ducken Road north of Oak Harbor
    (360) 675-3412
  • Island Greens - nine holes, par 3

  • 3890 E. French Road, Clinton
    (360) 579-6042
  • Gallery Golf Course - 18 holes

  • 3065 Cowpens Road, Oak Harbor
    (360) 257-2178
  • Holmes Harbor Golf Club -

  • 5023 Harbor Hill Drive, Freeland
    (360) 331-2363
  • Camaloch Golf Course

  • 326 N. East Camano Drive, Camano Island
    (360) 387-3084
Private Courses
  • Whidbey Golf & Country Club - 18 holes

  • 1411 W. Fairway Lane, Oak Harbor
    (360) 675-1014
  • Useless Bay Country Club - 18 holes

  • 5725 S. Country Club Drive, Langley
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  • HOPE
    Horsemanship Opportunities for Potential Equestrians offers therapeutic horseback riding for children, adults and families who are facing special challenges, including but not limited to: disabilities (physical, mental); crisis (family seperation); trauma (abuse); injury recovery. Lessons take place on Tuesdays at the Island County Fairgrounds in Langley and on Thursdays in Oak Harbor. Volunteers are also need to "take the lead and lend a hand". For more information call 360-221-7656, email hope@whidbey.com or visit our website at www.hope-whidbey.org. Encouraging others to "Grab the Reins of Life with HOPE!"

    (360) 221-7656
  • Madrona Ridge Ranch
    Madona Way, Coupeville
    (360) 678-4124
  • Penn Cove Horsemanship Center
    4 miles south of Oak Harbor
    27569 S.R. 20, Oak Harbor
    (360) 678-5767 barefoot_horse@hotmail.com
  • Whidbey Equestrian Center
    1 mile South of Coupeville on Hwy 20
    (360) 678-8852
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Whidbey Island is part of the Cascadia Marine Trail, a 150 mile water trail from Olympia to Point Roberts. This trail has 36 camp sites and 35 kayak-friendly inns, and is working toward establishing 200 overnight waterway spots. A $20 annual permit for any Cascadia Marine campsite can be purchased at state parks and some sports retailers. For information about the Washington Water Trails Association, call Sandie Rumble at (206) 545-9161.

 Beginning kayakers should stay on the east side of Whidbey Island, in the sheltered bays. Experienced kayakers can venture over to the west side, where rough winds and tides shoot from the Straight of Juan de Fuca into Admiralty Inlet. Public access to the water is available at any of the state parks, as well as the Oak Harbor City Beach.

Kayak Rentals

At prearranged launch points: ---

Accommodations for Kayakers

Camp sites for kayakers are available at Deception Pass State Park, Joseph Whidbey State Park and Oak Harbor City Beach Park.

 Several bed & breakfasts provide overnight accommodations, along with help moving and storing kayaking equipment:

 In Clinton:

In Langley: In Coupeville:
  • The Captain Kinney House; 1-800-505-3800
  • Captain Whidbey Inn
  • Colonel Crocket Farm Bed & Breakfast
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  • Blue Fox Drive Inn

  • 1403 Monroe Landing Rd., Oak Harbor
    (360) 675-5667
  • Clyde Theatre

  • 213 1st St., Langley
    (360) 221-5525
  • Plaza Cinemas

  • 1321 SW Barlow, Oak Harbor
    (360) 279-2226
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  • Island County Historical Society Museum

  • "Bow to Plow" exhibit features local family and farm tools from the 1800s onward.
    Guided walking tours leave the museum, at the corner of Front and Alexander streets in Coupeville at 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. through the summer.
    908 NW Alexander, Coupeville
    (360) 678-3310
  • South Whidbey Historical Society Museum

  • 312 2nd Street, Langley
    (360) 579-3519
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For more information about the location of public boat launching ramps, call:
Launching ramps in state parks: (360) 902-2200
Ramps maintained by the Department of Fish and Wildlife:
salt water (360) 902-2391; fresh water (360) 902-2737.

Port Facilities
  • Clinton Fishing Pier

  • Clinton
  • Possession Beach Salt Water

  • Park, boat launch
  • Coupeville Historic Wharf

  • Transient moorage; fuel dock and deli.
Public Marinas
  • Cornet Bay Marina

  • 5191 N. Cornet Bay Road, North Whidbey
    (360) 675-5411
  • Oak Harbor Marina

  • 8075 Cataline Dr., Oak Harbor
    (360) 679-2628
  • Langley Small Boat Harbor

  • 202 Wharf St., Langley
    (360) 221-4246
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  • Earth Sanctuary
    2235 Newman Road, Langley
    (425) 637-8777
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  • North Whidbey RV Park

  • 565 W. Cornet Bay Road, North Whidbey
    (360) 675-9597
  • Sunrise Resorts

  • 550 W. Cornet Bay Road, North Whidbey
    (360) 675-6575
  • Mutiny Bay Resort/Motel

  • 5856 Mutiny Bay Road, Freeland
    (360) 331-4500
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  • The Roller Barn

  • 7324 700 Ave W., Oak Harbor
    (360) 675-6534
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  • John Vanderzicht Memorial Pool

  • Year around indoor pool; classes.
    85 SE Jerome St, Oak Harbor
    (360) 675-7665
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  • Western Prince Cruises

    Depart from Fraday Harbor.
    (800) 757-6722
  • San Juan Safaris & Whale Watching
    Mid-April to October daily departures.
    (800) 450-6858

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  • Blooms Winery
    (360) 331-4084
  • Whidbey's Greenbank Berry Farm
    765 E. Wonn Road, Greenbank
    (360) 678-7700
  • Whidbey Island Winery

  • Siegerrebe, Madeleine Angevine, Rhubarb wine, Pinot Noir.
    Tasting room open 12 - 5, Friday - Sunday; or by specialappointment. 5237 S. Langley Road, Langley
    (360) 221-2040
  • Oak Harbor Brewery and Pub, Oak Harbor

  • Many varieties of local brew, including root beer. Pub grub.
  • Whidbey Island Brewing Company, 2nd Street in Langley

  • Many varieties of local brew, including root beer. Pub grub.
  • Captains City Brewing, Mariner Court Building in Coupeville

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